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A Catholic church was smeared with graffiti in a town in Alaska

This is the second time this year the church has been vandalized in the middle of the night with phallic symbols.

Two churches were set on fire in Mississippi

All fires were put out early Tuesday morning, hours before polls opened in Mississippi.”

A man was charged with hate crime following acts of anti-Catholic vandalism

The suspect is allegedly shown on video driving over the sign at Mary’s Nativity-St. Ann Parish in Flushing.

An American pro-lifer is being persecuted by the FBI

Mark Houck was arrested by the FBI on the orders of the Justice Department.

"The Devil's Advocate" was released 25 years ago

The film grossed over $153 million in the box office and won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film.

Republican lawmakers decry FBI's "open war on pro-life activists"

Freedom of speech is put in jeopardy yet again

A Brooklyn pastor was robbed of numerous jewelry

The stolen jewelry has yet to be found.

US congressional bill aims to protect pro-life pregnancy centers against ‘terror attacks’

Republican politician: “My goal is to foster an environment where no woman feels like their only option is abortion.”

A march in defense of persecuted Christians will pass through Washington

Around 360 million Christians face persecution worldwide, according to Open Doors.

Mike Pence calls nationwide ban on abortion "a US policy priority"

The former vice-President has always been vocal of the issue of protection of the unborn.