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America isn't the safe haven for Christians it used to be, says Open Doors

refugee admissions into the United States reached their lowest point during the COVID-19 pandemic

Number of Catholics decreases every year in Mexico

Since 1950, their number decreased with 20 per cent.

Claretian missionary kidnapped in Haiti released

He had spent ten days in captivity.

American bishop could have been murdered by the husband of his housekeeper

The Sheriff identified the suspect as Carlos Medina, 65, the husband of the bishop’s housekeeper.

A pipe bomb was found behind a Catholic church in the USA

Philadelphia Police did not respond to questions about whether they believe the church had been targeted.

A Catholic bishop was murdered in the USA

David O’Connell was found shot dead near Los Angeles.

Catholic priests in Nicaragua sentenced to 10 years in prison

A judge sentenced 4 Catholic Nicaraguan priests and 2 seminarians to a 10-year prison term this past Monday.

Hungarian State Secretary delivers a speech at the conference on religious liberty in Washington

Religious freedom is not only a fundamental human right but also an important foreign policy issue. 

Attacks on US churches exceed 275 and counting

Trackers have found 121 attacks in just the last 8 months, with three more added between January 23 and January 24.

This is the country with the highest mass attendance

Despite the persecution, Catholics continue going to church.