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The fourth season of "The Chosen" has been announced

The Bible-based series has garnered over 200 million viewers worldwide.

Teenager arrested in connection with the shooting of a pastor in Memphis

He recently told of his experience during his first sermon since the shooting.

A school will allow a prayer club despite pressures not to do so

A handful of advisor-led clubs were requested after the process concluded in the winter of 2024.

Hostility towards Christians is growing in the US according to watchdog

"Basically, we are frogs in the kettle, and the bubbles keep coming up under us"

The arsonist of a US pro-life office was sentenced to seven years in jail

Despite the severity of the sentence, some pro-life activists feel it falls short of appropriate justice.

Virginia man charged with attempted church shooting

A 35-year-old man has been charged with attempting to shoot up a Virginia church after posting threatening messages

Satanic Temple wants to send chaplains to public schools in Florida

The Satanist organisation is specializing in similar actions.

An armed woman arrested for attempting to destroy church rectory

Charges against the woman are pending as the investigation remains ongoing.

Jurors in Missouri dismissed based on their Christian beliefs

The Supreme Court won’t consider whether potential jurors can be dismissed based on their religious beliefs

A pastor was shot during a carjacking

Police currently have no suspects and have not recovered the stolen vehicle.