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Exodus and division: the problems of Iraqi Christians

The marginalized Christian groups are facing the dangers of mass emigration as well.

A Christian insider's perspective of troubles in Iraq

Iraqi Christians experience discrimination, harassment and violent persecution.

Christians in Iraq face severe persecution for over two decades

Iraqi Christians look ahead to an uncertain future.

UN finds more evidence of crimes against humanity from the Islamic State

These crimes include “forcibly transferring and persecuting Christians, seizing their property, engaging in sexual violence.

Hungarian President inaugurated a kindergarten in Iraq

The kindergarten was founded with Hungarian help.

Archbishop warns about the extinction of Christians in Iraq

Without a change in the overall culture of Iraq, Christians face an existential threat in Iraq

Bell rings out from Catholic cathedral in Mosul for the first time since ISIS occupation

“The tones of the bell are an invitation … to unite hearts to denounce violence and wars.”

The persecution of Iraqi Christians continues

The 18,000 school-aged Iraqi refugee children in Jordan face a myriad of barriers to school attendance.

Archaeologists find Christian relics a church destroyed by IS

The Islamic State had destroyed relics dating back more than 2,000 years.