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Another priest has recently been kidnapped in Nigeria

Four abducted priests were killed in 2022 in Kaduna.

4,000 Christians killed and 2,300 kidnapped in Nigeria in one year

Probably many of those kidnapped have also been murdered.

Three people were killed by ADF in the DRC

Civilians of Kabasha, a vibrant trading center, woke up to count the damage caused by the ADF.

Militants abducted 40 children in Nigeria

They contacted the parents and demanded a ransom.

Jihadism continues to spread in Burkina Faso

Militants linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS began initiating violent attacks in Burkina Faso, starting in 2015.

Al-Shabaab killed over 100 people in a terrorist attack in Somalia

Accodring to the police, "terrorists killed mothers with their children trapped on their backs”

Jihadism is on the rise across Burkina Faso

Al-Qaeda affiliates killed over 135 civilians over the course of two nights in June 2021.

Islamic extremists massacred 15 Christians in Nigeria

The slaughter followed a similar assault the previous week in Antsa village, in Kwara District of Keana County.

Christian Evangelists attacked for preaching to Muslims in Uganda

The attack was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda

Nine people killed by Al-Shabaab in hotel attack in Somalia

Nine civilians were killed and forty-seven people were wounded in the attack.