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USCRIF is increasingly concerned over attacks on Christians in Sudan

The ongoing violence has led to an estimated death toll surpassing 13,000.

Christian persecution should not just be Hungary's concern

Ignoring or downplaying Christian persecution in various parts of the world emboldens perpetrators.

Christians remain the most persecuted religious group worldwide

Christians and people of goodwill worldwide must stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians.

Islamists killed an Evangelical Church member in Sudan

At least five church buildings have been set ablaze in Sudan in the last weeks.

Nigerian Christian lawyer warns of intense persecution

Nigeria led the world with over 5,000 Christians killed for their faith in 2022, according to Open Doors.

New religous liberty organization in Africa

African Forum for Religious and Spirituality Liberty was solemnly inaugurated in Cape Town.

Christians continue to die of persecution across Nigeria’s Plateau State

About 300 people were injured, and thousands displaced in the most recent assaults.

A Christian Sudanese family fled persecution to the US

ADF International represented the parents in the Sudanese courts.

Coptic monastery attacked and occupied in Sudan

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the last years as a result of local conflicts.