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17 Christians were killed in a militant attack in Nigeria

Security has been deployed to the sites of the most recent attacks after ten Christians were found killed by the militants.

Nearly 40 people were murdered in a terrorist attack in DRC

The DRC ranks 37 on the 2023 Open Doors World Watch List for Christian persecution.

A clergyman opposing the Nigerian government was killed by militants

On election day, four Christians were killed by Fulani militants in Benue State.

A pastor was attacked after converting 37 Muslims to Christianity in Uganda

He remained hospitalized for over a week and suffered in particular from leg and hand fractures.

Nigerian Christians murdered for participating in election

The country’s Catholic bishops, among others, have sharply criticized the Independent Nigerian Election Commission.

Police rescue 40 Christian children in kidnapping scam

They arrested two people in connection with the kidnappings.

Many people turned to God after Pope Francis’ visit in South Sudan

Pope Francis became the first pope to visit the country at the beginning of February.

The number of the latest jihadist attacks worsens

At least 70 soldiers have been killed in four days in two different clashes with jihadist groups in northern Burkina Faso.

How will the result of the forthcoming elections influence the life of Christians in Nigeria?

Will anything improve for Nigeria’s Christians with new leadership?