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Italy’s “most handsome man” leaves modeling to become a priest

A young man who was dubbed "the most handsome man in Italy" at age 17, recently announced he has decided to give up the glamor of his modeling career to pursue God by entering seminary.


Edoardo Santini said in a video posted to Instagram on the 23rd of November that as he turned 21, he has found himself “on the path towards becoming a priest, God willing,” as noted by the Spanish-speaking Catholic outlet ACI Prensa.

Santini, a native of Tuscany who also studied dancing and acting, said he has decided to “give up modeling work, acting and dance, but I won’t abandon all my passions, I’ll just live them differently, offering them up to God.”

During a national pageant put on by the fashion group ABE in 2019, Santini was awarded “Il Bello d’Italia,” an accolade distinguishing him as the most handsome man in his country.




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