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Two Christian pro-life organisations have experienced "debanking"

Other Christian organisations and individuals, which chose to remain anonymous, have reported similar incidents to OIDAC Europe.

The US is among the eight countries which allows abortion until birth

Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon and Vermont allow abortion during the whole timeframe of the pregnancy.

British pensioner charged for offering to talk to women outside abortion clinics

A Dorset pensioner is facing trial after holding up a sign near an abortion clinic which read: “Here to talk if you want to.”

The UK includes "anti-abortion" narratives as "terrorist threat"

The intolerance for prolife stances is increasing across Western Europe.

French bishops against abortion in the constitution

The Bishops’ Conference of France strongly opposes the new amendment to the constitution that enshrines abortion in it.

Germany could introduce censorship zones near abortion clinics

The law has been criticised for making highly subjective terms, such as "confusing acts", criminal actions.

Javier Milei denounces "bloody abortion agenda" at the World Economic Forum

Milei's speech in Davos comes two months after his election.

Abortion remains by far the main cause of death worldwide

If abortions were counted as deaths in the statistics, the fatalities last year would have exceeded 40 million.

Abortion and banning pro-life protests are widely supported in the UK

Pro-choice campaigners have called for a ban on anti-abortion protests outside abortion clinics