Tag: Freedom of Religion

An underground pastor was fined by the Chinese government

This fine follows several years of government persecution against the underground church in Xiamen.

USCIRF released a religious freedom report on Russia

Russia currently maintains blasphemy laws punishing those who “offend the religious feelings of believers.”

US Supreme Court broadened religious accommodations in workplace

Issues of religious freedom in the United States have received increased importance in recent years.

An anti-discrimanation report by the UN could jeopardize religious freedom

The National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) expressed worry about the implications of this report in a statement.

Iceland's ban of conversion therapy put parent's rights in jeopardy

The law punishes "anyone who subjects a child under the age of 18 to the treatment".

A new study reveals which US states are the worst religious freedom protectors

The states that scored highest in regulatory freedom were Oregon (90%), Indiana (88%) and Montana (87%).

Free speech under threat in Ireland's recent "hate offences" bill

Many contradictions that might arise from this law could seriously limit not only freedom of speech but also freedom of religion.

A North Korean kid and his parents were put to jail for life for having a Bible

About 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in North Korea, according to a new International Religious Freedom Report.

A religious prisoner was released in Tajikistan

The Religion Law, passed in 2009 by the Tajikistan government, makes all faith practices illegal.

The US is increasingly concerned about religious freedom in India

Local Indian authorities so consistently fail to bring persecutors to justice that many attackers film their attacks,