Tag: Freedom of Religion

Scottish conversion therapy ban risks criminalising prayer and parental guidance

Christian group threatens legal action against Scottish government over conversion therapy proposals

The silent struggle: discrimination against Christians across Europe

Social discrimination against Christians is a reality in many European societies.

A $350,000 fine for quoting the Bible on social media

The accused refused to play certain characters because of her religious beliefs.

Legal crackdown against Christians in Cuba accelerates

Cuba returns to ‘hardline tactics’ as over 600 religious freedom violations scored in 2023

UK Christians express concerns over proposed definition of extremism

The Christian Institute warns that proposed changes to legislation on terrorism and extremism could threaten religious freedom

Decree 95 intends to crush freedom of religion in Vietnam

Shutting down churches will be easier, raising and receiving funds much harder.

Taxi driver fined for displaying a Bible verse

The sticker says "Jesus - I am the way, the truth and the life".

Upholding religious freedom: a pillar of Western societies

Religious freedom is integral to upholding the fundamental principles of democracy and the rule of law.

Teaching assistant wins a legal case after being fired for street preaching

The school decided to settle the case and pay the man £7,000 (around 8,800 USD) in compensation instead of going to trial.

Spain criminalises public prayer

A few weeks ago, Spain was gripped by protests against the government due to its deal with Catalan separatists.