Tag: Attack on Christians

Christian sanitation worker tortured in Pakistan

A Christian sweeper was severely beaten and chained for not obeying quickly enough

Muslims beat Christians unconscious in Uganda

Two evangelists are still in hospital two weeks after having been severely beaten for their faith

Grenade attack on a chapel in the Philippines

The attack was carried out during a Bible service. Two people were wounded in the attack on the 19th of May.

Muslim extremists attacked Catholic students praying the Rosary

The group of Muslim men threatened the Catholic students for praying the Rosary in Indonesia.

USCRIF is increasingly concerned over attacks on Christians in Sudan

The ongoing violence has led to an estimated death toll surpassing 13,000.

Congo: eight people died in an attack against a church

Eight people were killed and thirty were taken hostage after the attack in DRC.

Islamists killed an Evangelical Church member in Sudan

At least five church buildings have been set ablaze in Sudan in the last weeks.

Christians continue to die of persecution across Nigeria’s Plateau State

About 300 people were injured, and thousands displaced in the most recent assaults.

A stabbing at a Catholic school in Ireland left several people hospitalised

In a wave of popular indignation generated by the attack, serious riots took place in Dublin on the night of the 23rd o November.