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Muslims beat Christians unconscious in Uganda

27 year-old Samuel Mukiibi and 25-year-old Ephraim Duula, who had helped many Muslims find Jesus Christs in the past six years, were severely beaten on the 16th of May in Iganga District, Uganda.

The two evangelists were attacked after an open-air preaching event. The perpetrators grabbed their Bibles before causing severe injuries to the Christians. Dauson, the leader of a motorbike group, found and rescued them. Dauson said he had known their pastor: “We found the two evangelists bleeding seriously, picked up Mukiibi’s phone and rung the pastor who came to the hospital immediately”. 

Mukiibi recalled the incident: “They stopped us and asked us to renounce Jesus Christ, whom we were preaching to at Naigombwa trading centre for four days. At the same time, they wanted to forcefully circumcise us as per Islamic teaching for us to live. We refused, and they started beating us badly with sharp objects and left us unconscious in a coma in a pool of blood. I managed to identify one of the attackers named Murshidi, who was calling the other attackers by Islamic names. My colleague, Duula, suffered serious bleeding coming out of his ears, bruised face and a deep cut in his left hand, while I had a twisted neck, swollen face and neck.”

The two Christians are still receiving treatment after two weeks in hospital.

Christians in Uganda are experiencing increasing persecution, primarily converts in Muslim-dominated regions. Violence against Christians continues to grow, especially in Islamic extremist-fuelled areas. The ADF is responsible for many of the attacks. According to UN spokesperson Babar Baloch: “Since the beginning of the year 2023, they have gone on a rampage in terms of raiding villages, killing civilians, kidnapping people, leaving people injured behind, and the consequences are really, really clear on the desperate population who have to flee, in cases many times from each location to another.”




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