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A vandal drowned a statue of Jesus in the baptismal font of a Polish church

The police are looking for the perpetrator and appeal for help in finding him.

Three aggressive men disrupted a Holy Mass in a Warsaw church

Similar acts have been on the rise in Poland for the last three years.

Parents of seven to be beatified by the Catholic Church

The couple was murdered by the Nazis for hiding a Jewish family.

Cases of intolerance and attacks on Christians in Europe are on the rise

Over 500 cases of discrimination against Christians were reported in Europe for 2021 alone.

The tendency for apostasy is on the rise in Poland

The popular singer Dawid Podsiadło went viral with his recent announcement of apostasy.

A boulder commemorating John Paul II was vandalised in Warsaw

The district counsilor declared that the case has been reported to the police.

A man threw stones at a chapel in Poland

The victims estimated the losses at several hundred euros.

Belarusian authorities destroyed a Polish Home Army cemetery

The Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan wrote on Thursday that such demolition takes place using heavy equipment.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has been vandalised in a Polish town

Anti-Christian vandalism is on the rise in Poland.