Tag: Pro-life

Two Christian pro-life organisations have experienced "debanking"

Other Christian organisations and individuals, which chose to remain anonymous, have reported similar incidents to OIDAC Europe.

Vandals who attacked pro-life centre are required to pay settlement

Following a wave of pro-abortion attacks, a pro-life pregnancy centre reached a settlement with the vandals in Florida

The arsonist of a US pro-life office was sentenced to seven years in jail

Despite the severity of the sentence, some pro-life activists feel it falls short of appropriate justice.

British pensioner charged for offering to talk to women outside abortion clinics

A Dorset pensioner is facing trial after holding up a sign near an abortion clinic which read: “Here to talk if you want to.”

Abortion and banning pro-life protests are widely supported in the UK

Pro-choice campaigners have called for a ban on anti-abortion protests outside abortion clinics

Police apologise to arrested pro-life volunteer

Police have confirmed that no charges will be brought against a pro-life volunteer

Pro-life rescuers found guilty in Washington DC

Three pro-life rescuers have been found guilty an all charges and imprisoned immediately

Texas Supreme Court sides with pro-life activist in free speech case

Although freedom of speech is put in jeopardy, such examples show there is hope.

A Christian flight attendant fired over pro-life views will be reinstated

Southwest Airlines faces criticism for limiting free speech.