World News

An attack in Kaduna State makes three fatal casualties

The assailants fired indiscriminately in the village.

Armenian priest dreads losing Karabakh's Christian heritage

Father David fears for Nagorno-Karabakh's ancient Christian heritage

Cooperation agreement signed by Hungary Helps concerning water purification systems

The Hungary Helps Agency signed a partnership agreement with the Hungarian Water Partnership.

Tens of thousands of Christian refugees entered Armenia

ICC) covered and contributed to international awareness and attention to the nine-month blockade of Artsakh.

Nigerian Christians in Kaduna Appeal to State Leaders

Despite appealing personally to state leaders, Christians of Kaduna State in Nigeria continue to face malicious terrorist attacks.

A dozen Christians were massacred by Islamic State terrorists in Mozambique

The area has been under attack by Islamist extremists since 2017.

50 young Christians released in Eritrea

Around half the group of young Christian musicians has been released after being kept imprisoned for months

Church leader convicted in Algeria

Pastor Youssef Ourahmane was charged with holding an unauthorized religious assembly

America isn't the safe haven for Christians it used to be, says Open Doors

refugee admissions into the United States reached their lowest point during the COVID-19 pandemic

Persecuted Armenian Christians face military offensive

There is a shortage of energy, food, and other essentials for persecuted Armenian Christians living in Nagorno-Karabakh.