World News

Christian pastor was beaten unconscious for not denying his faith

Three people suffered serious internal injuries, one man of them was unconscious for nearly an hour.

An Orthodox church was set on fire in Russia

The vandals also broke down the gate to the bridge leading to the temple.

5th century manuscript found in Saint Catherine’s Monastery of Sinai

The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities confirms the finding in the oldest continuously operating library in the world.

Nativity scene contest launched in Mexico

The initiative is a response to the attempt to ban them.

Nine Christians hospitalised after being attacked by a group of Hindu radicals

Chhattisgarh is one of the 11 states where anti-conversion laws are implemented.

A group of Jamaicans charged for $600,000 church robbery

The police seized the car and recovered the stolen items.

Christian persecution is on the rise in at least 18 countries

African countries saw a sharp rise in terrorist violence from non-state militants,

Pope Francis and King of Jordan agree about the importance of Christians’ presence in the Middle East

They also agreed on a need to continue to preserve the status quo in the Holy Places in Jerusalem.

Suicide rates higher in countries that legalized euthanasia

The correlation has been especially observed in the last decade.

Archbishop warns about the extinction of Christians in Iraq

Without a change in the overall culture of Iraq, Christians face an existential threat in Iraq