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China ranked worst country for internet freedom for the 8th year in a row

Christians are particularly targeted by China's censorship

ICC's annual report on persecution was published: the China case

There are thirty-two cases of arrests or detainments of Christians recorded in the report.

Catholic religious leader stands trial in Hong Kong

The ninety-year-old cardinal pleaded not guilty. 

A house church has been closed by Chinese authorities

Pastor Wang Yi from Early Rain Covenant Church, was sentenced to nine years in jail for “incitement to subvert state power”.

Xi Jinping declined Pope Francis’ request for a meeting

The underground Chinese Catholics continue to face crackdown from Beijing in the past years.

Imprisoned Yunnan Christian faces formal arrest in China

Wang Shungping's lawyer submitted a legal opinion to the procuratorate.

Pope Francis announced his readiness to go to China

Since the beginning of the 1950s, there has been no official relationship between the Vatican and Beijing.

South Korea rejects asylum claims of Christians who fled China

The group feared retaliation from the Chinese government and stood little chance of having their asylum claims granted.

ERCC member released after almost two weeks of detention

Xing Hongwei expressed his gratitude to his lawyers for defending him, so he could be released in such a short time.