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Persecution of Christians got even worse in China in 2022

Christians from unregistered churches bear the brunt of the persecution.

Chinese house church fears more persecution

Christians in China have come under great pressure to demonstrate unswerving allegiance to Premier Xi Jinping.

Christians murdered, abducted or imprisoned in 2022 for their faith

Nigeria was found to be the country with the highest mortality rate for priests.

Hong Kong allows Cardinal Zen to attend Benedict’s funeral

Zen was elevated to cardinal by Benedict in 2006.

China ranked worst country for internet freedom for the 8th year in a row

Christians are particularly targeted by China's censorship

ICC's annual report on persecution was published: the China case

There are thirty-two cases of arrests or detainments of Christians recorded in the report.

Catholic religious leader stands trial in Hong Kong

The ninety-year-old cardinal pleaded not guilty. 

A house church has been closed by Chinese authorities

Pastor Wang Yi from Early Rain Covenant Church, was sentenced to nine years in jail for “incitement to subvert state power”.