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Two church elders sentenced to prison in China

After almost six years of persecution against the church, the two elders were sentenced to jail and fined.

Fuyang Maizhong Reformed Church was raided again

For the third time in six months, the leader and several members of the house church were taken away by the police.

Church was ordered to remove crosses in China.

The local authorities cited "safety" reasons for the removal of the crosses.

Chinese pastor was released after seven years in prison

The pastor, arrested in 2017 on charges of illegal border crossing, is finally released from prison.

Christians from Hong Kong arrested in China

Nine Christians were arrested; the condition or whereabouts of most of them are unknown.

Sola Fide Church raided in China

Two hundred believers arrested after police raid a church

In the past week, three bishops were consecrated in China

The bishops of Zhengzhou, Weifang, and Shaowu were consecrated at a rapid pace.

Reformed Church raided again in China

The church was raided while children came together to pray and sing.

A Chinese pastor was sentenced to 14 years jail for "peddling superstition"

The pastor and his family were all found guilty of “using superstition to undermine the law.”

House church pastor sentenced to 14 years in jail in China

Pastor Kan Xiaoyong and his co-defendants all received heavy prison sentences.