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Church of Almighty God Refugee Li Yanli Can Remain in Spain

She is able to stay in Spain but others had to leave or were forced back to China

Christian preacher remains in jail in China

The Chinese Communist Party consider Brother Chang Hao to be 'a threat to national security.'

The ever-increasing threat on Religious Freedom in Hong Kong

Now we can see the signs of the decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong.

Church leaders arrested in China

Chinese police detained Christian Church leaders in a raid

Husband reported Christian wife to authorities in China

A Christian wife was taken into custody after her husband had reported her to Chinese authorities

China sends Christian escapees back to North Korea

UK MPs have been encouraged to stop China sending fugitives back to North Korea

China denied legal visits to detained house preacher

China prosecutes house church leaders as a criminal clique

The Chinese government is rewriting parts of the Bible

The CCP sees itself as possessing absolute authority over religion in China.

An underground pastor was fined by the Chinese government

This fine follows several years of government persecution against the underground church in Xiamen.