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Islamic graffiti smeared inside a German chapel

The incident occurred in broad daylight.

A group of young terrorists targeting Christians was dismantled in Germany

Arrest warrants have been issued in connection with several allegations.

Liturgical objects stolen from a German church

The police were informed and the objects were eventually returned to the church.

Eighteen churches were pelted with eggs in Germany

The suspect cited personal circumstances as their motive and has since expressed remorse.

Yet another German church targeted by probable arsonists

Investigators point out that the church was probably set on fire voluntarily.

Yet another German church was the target of vandalism

Replacing the window and door will probably cost thousands of euros.

Church smeared with Islamic slogan in Germany

The graffiti has reportedly been removed.

Taxi driver fined for displaying a Bible verse

The sticker says "Jesus - I am the way, the truth and the life".