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Anti-Christian hate crimes are on the rise across Bavaria

Figures of saints were destroyed or damaged, people smoked and urinated in church rooms in the heart of Europe.

A wall in Germany spreads hate towards Christianity

Pictures of the wall smeared with insults were published on social media

Two men urinated and defacated inside a German church

They also tried to break the offertory box.

Repeated break-ins recorded in German Catholic community house

The Leimen police station has started the investigation and is looking for witnesses in this connection.

A church was repeatedly vandalised in Germany

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across Germany.

A church was vandalised in Munich

The perpetrators remain unknown.

A German church was set on fire causing considerable damage

The Police have estimated the costs of the damages at around 5,000 euros.

A 17th century church was set on fire and vandalised in Germany

Two firefighter squats were to stop the fire, they were alarmed as people noticed smoke coming out of the church.

Hungary shows example to the Western countries in supporting religious liberty

While there are everyday attacks on Christians in Western Europe, Hungary helps Christians in the Middle East.

Offensive slogans were smeared on a German cathedral

Other anti-Christian hate crimes were also reported in the last weeks.