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Attempts made to cancel an ecumenical conference in Germany

From the 20th until the 23rd of June , Munich hosted the Christian ecumenical conference UNUM24. The event focused on prayer, worship, and fostering unity among various Christian denominations.


Despite organizers emphasizing that the conference was not a platform for political or social disputes, it faced protests from LGBTIQ activists. These demonstrators demanded the event’s cancellation, accusing the participants of being “anti-LGBTIQ rights”.

Key speakers included a mix of Christian leaders, such as a Lutheran bishop, a Catholic bishop, and pastors from various countries, including Guatemala, Uganda, and Sudan. The presence of Bill Johnson, leader of the charismatic Bethel Church, seemed to have particularly sparked the protests​.

The organizers refuted claims that the event was scheduled to coincide with Munich’s Christopher Street Day and denied accusations of exploiting believers for money. They expressed their appreciation for Munich’s ability to host diverse events, underscoring the city’s cosmopolitan nature.


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