A group of Christians was attacked with tear gas in France

This unexpected attack caused panic and distress, resulting in injuries to nine people.

A Belgian court fined Catholic prelates for denying a woman deacon training

Two archbishops were ordered to pay 1,500 euros in compensation.

Arson attack reported at a British church

The church, which was closed for worship since 2019 and added to the Local Heritage List last year, caught fire in the early hours

Social worker was denied a job position over his religious views

The tribunal upheld his employer's decision not to reinstate him after he was denied a position due to his views on homosexuality.

Two Ukrainian priests released by Russia after 19 months of detention

Pope Francis publicly expressed his thanksgiving after the priests' release.

Two Christian pro-life organisations have experienced "debanking"

Other Christian organisations and individuals, which chose to remain anonymous, have reported similar incidents to OIDAC Europe.

Attack on Orthodox churches reported in Dagestan

Authorities have preliminarily classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Attempts made to cancel an ecumenical conference in Germany

Organizers denied accusations of exploiting believers for money.

Church defaced with hateful graffiti in Krakow

The vandals also damaged the church's facade, where Saint Wojciech once preached.

EU member states can continue to prohibit assissted suicide, says the ECHR

However, the ECHR acknowledged that its position might evolve,