Tag: Vandalism

A statue of the infant Jesus was beheaded in a German church

It is currently unclear whether the damaged figure can be repaired.

A German church was robbed and vandalised

Police are still investigating the incident.

A religious painting was severely damaged in a Polish town

The vandal was arrested and taken in custody.

Potential thieves tried to break into a church in Germany

The the incident was reported to police shortly afterwards

Two Spanish churches were the target of vandalism

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Laywers filed complaints against those responsible for the attacks in October 2023.

Yet another church was vandalised in Germany

Police have been investigating using camera footage.

The chapel of a Spanish hospital was vandalised

A Mass in reparation was offered in the chapel on two occasions in mid-September.

The tabernacle of a German church was vandalised

This is not the first incident in and around Mönchengaldbach in the last years.