Tag: Religious Freedom

Catholics in Hong Kong fear that religious freedom is under threat

Following the passage of new security laws last month, Hong Kong's Catholic community fears for religious freedom

Further decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong

Activists call for international action as religious freedom in Hong Kong is in rapid decline.

Upholding religious freedom: a pillar of Western societies

Religious freedom is integral to upholding the fundamental principles of democracy and the rule of law.

International Religious Freedom Conference was opened at the Hungarian embassy

Speakers: "the fight for the right to religious freedom the most important human rights struggle of our time".

New religous liberty organization in Africa

African Forum for Religious and Spirituality Liberty was solemnly inaugurated in Cape Town.

Christian preacher remains in jail in China

The Chinese Communist Party consider Brother Chang Hao to be 'a threat to national security.'

The ever-increasing threat on Religious Freedom in Hong Kong

Now we can see the signs of the decline of religious freedom in Hong Kong.

'I didn't feel particularly wanted as a Christian in the SNP'

Lisa Cameron, SNP MP who swapped to Tories, is forced into hiding

Proposed ban on conversion therapy bill may defeat religious freedom in the UK

UK Christians are ready to take legal action if conversion therapy bill endangers religious freedom