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Fragments of 500-year-old church discovered in Visegrád, Hungary

Pieces of a historic church have been discovered under a tennis court

Christian persecution should not just be Hungary's concern

Ignoring or downplaying Christian persecution in various parts of the world emboldens perpetrators.

Hungary continues its efforts to help persecuted Christians

Hungary's efforts to help persecuted Christians reflect a commitment to humanitarian principles

A statue of Mary was vandalised for a second time in a Hungarian town

Unknown perpetrators smashed the head of the statue and trampled its pieces.

Decapitated the Statue of Mary in Dunavecse for New Year’s Eve

On December 31 at 3:35 AM, az unknowned criminal smashed the head of the statue of Holy Mary of Dunavecse (Hungary).

Hungary condemns the attack on Catholics in the Philippines

Hungary condemns the attack that occurred on Sunday morning in the Philippines.

"An ageing European society must fight against the culture of destruction"

In his social media post György Hölvényi reflected on the challenges of old age

U.S. professor: deep harmony between Hungary and the Holy See

Both Pope Francis and Hungary strongly support the need to resolve the conflict in Ukraine

Pope Francis recognized: has been misled a little in many ways before about Hungary

Pope Francis is visiting the Christians and Catholics in Hungary for the second time in two years