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Decapitated the Statue of Mary in Dunavecse for New Year’s Eve

Holy Mary

On December 31 at 3:35 AM, az unknowned criminal smashed the head of the statue of Holy Mary of Dunavecse (Hungary).

An unknown criminal, on December 31 at 3:35 AM, with premeditated intent, smashed the head of the statue of Mary located at the roundabout in Dunavecse (Hungary), and trampled its pieces. This was reported by the parish priest of Dunavecse, Father Gergő Péter Bese.

“It’s hard to find words, our hearts are broken, and we don’t understand why all this happened. Tomorrow at 3 PM, there will be a candle lighting at the roundabout, and at 3:30 PM, a mass which I will conduct for the community. Let us pray for peace and the healing of sick souls/minds,” summarized the priest.

The statue of the Queen of Peace was first consecrated on May 6. However, barely two weeks later, it was already smashed by someone. The police launched an investigation into the vandalism, and the parish, with the support of donations and the parliamentary group of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), installed a camera and purchased a new statue of Mary.

The Hungarian investigative authorities have initiated criminal proceedings in the case.

Source: facebook

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