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Today the Church remembers Mohammed Abdalá who converted from Islam to Christianity

Today, the 22nd of February, we remember Blessed Mohammed Abdalla, a Mercedarian friar who served at the convent of San Lazzaro in Spain. He lived in the 13th century and converted from Islam to Christianity.

According to the book “Vida del Glorioso Patriarca San Pedro Nolasco” (The Glorious Life of Patriarch Saint Peter Nolasco), Mohammed was a relative of King Abenjason of Niebla, which at the time belonged to the Kingdom of Sevilla, in Spain. He was a medical expert but also obsessed with magic and astrology. 

In 1248, Christians reconquered Sevilla and arrived in the town of the Mercedarian. Mohammed listened to their teaching and admired how they converted the people to Christianity and freed the Christians imprisoned by Muslims. 

As a result, he burnt his superstitious objects and converted to Catholicism. He was baptised in Barcelona, and it was here that he got to know Saint Peter Nolasco. 

From then onwards, he was called Paul of Holy Mary and went to work in the Saint Lazarus Hospital in Zaragoza where he dedicated himself to helping the ill and those in need. He continued his work until his death.

Source: ACI Prensa

Photo: Mohammed Abdalá, source: ACI Prensa

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