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Pope Francis prays for peace ‘with sorrow’ in Fatima

At the XXXVII WYD in Portugal, Pope Francis prayed for peace.

"An ageing European society must fight against the culture of destruction"

In his social media post György Hölvényi reflected on the challenges of old age

The Pontiff honored the martyrs of the persecuted Hungarian Church

It was evident that he pays attention to the concerns and situation of Hungarian Christians - stated Cardinal Erdő.

Pope Francis’ homily for Pentecost: Let us invoke the Spirit daily

Pope Francis calls on us to invoke daily the Spirit who gives "harmony to the world".

Pope Francis prays for the unity and peace of the Hungarians

Pope Francis wrote to the Hungarian catholics: "always preserve peace and unity among yourselves".

The Pope implored peace and prayed that a ceasefire might hold.

On Sunday, Pope Francis appealed for peace in the Holy Land, following the soaring violence in the Gaza Strip.

The Catholic and the Coptic Pope’s common remembrance of the Coptic martyrs

First time in the history the Catholic and the Coptic Pope led common audience, they did a common remembrance of the martyrs.

Visit of Pope Francis to Hungary was a national-unifying

The analyst said: it has a nation-unifying effect that Hungary hosted Pope Francis.

Pope Francis thanked for the loving welcome he received in Hungary

The nation of historical and religious roots, as well as bridges between peoples, said Pope Francis.