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Catholic church was destroyed in Mozambique

Pope Francis prays for Mozambique and Sudan to end the senseless violence. 

Pope Francis speaks about persecuted Christians

Christians are persecuted for their faith in many parts of the world, said Pope Francis.

The Pope strongly spoke out against anti-Semitism

"The Church rejects all forms of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism," declared Pope Francis.

Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury promote Christian unity

The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury have commissioned pairs of Anglican and Catholic bishops to promote Christian unity

Pope Condemns Nicaragua’s Persecution of the Church

Pope Francis highlighted and condemned Nicaragua’s Ortega regime's persecution of the Catholic church.

Christians are still persecuted and killed for their faith in today’s world

Christians sacrifice their lives for their faith are still persecuted today - said Pope Francis.

The Pope urged the cessation of the Holy Land conflicts

Pope Francis urged the cessation of the Holy Land conflicts, the resolution of the desperate humanitarian situation.

Pope approves the possibility to bless couples in irregular situation

It does not mean it is marriage and any rite or blessing similar to that one are not allowed

Clima activists interrupted a Mass in Italy

The incident reportedly took place just before the homily.

Pope Francis announced that he is not resigning

Pope Francis talked about how, despite his health problems, he never considered resigning.