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Arson attack reported at a British church

The church, which was closed for worship since 2019 and added to the Local Heritage List last year, caught fire in the early hours

Social worker was denied a job position over his religious views

The tribunal upheld his employer's decision not to reinstate him after he was denied a position due to his views on homosexuality.

UK churches and charities urge the new government to tackle poverty

Hundreds of UK charities push for hardship to be top of Prime Minister’s priorities from day one.

Century-old Doncaster church roof destroyed in arson attack

A huge fire that is suspected to have been deliberate destroyed the roof of a Methodist church on the 26th of June.

Candace Owens slams media for ignoring a "Christian holocaust"

"When Christians die all over the world, nobody talks about it" - she insisted during an interview with Piers Morgan

Study reveals that more than half of British Christians experience hostility

These concerning statistics align with OIDAC Europe's observations of increasing pressure on Christians.

Study reveals Christians in UK suffer grave discrimination

A new report from 'Voice for Justice UK has shown that Christians across the UK are suffering harassment and discrimination

Scotland's radical "buffer zone" law passed the first stage in Parliament

The proposed Scottish legislation could further facilitate the targeting and criminalisation of individuals for their beliefs.

Four in ten Christian Brits prefer not to tell people about their faith

In contrast, only 29% of Muslim participants expressed the same reluctance.