Tag: Asian Christian persecution

70 million Christians in India face escalating religious persecution

The prospect of a ceasefire has diminished significantly in light of this latest tragedy.

Christian father imprisoned despite another boy's confession

A 34-year-old Christian man is still imprisoned for false blasphemy charges, even though a youth has confessed to the act.

Two Americans charged for preaching in a hospital in India

The police arrested the two foreign nationals and fined them $500 each.

A Chinese pastor was sentenced to 14 years jail for "peddling superstition"

The pastor and his family were all found guilty of “using superstition to undermine the law.”

House church pastor sentenced to 14 years in jail in China

Pastor Kan Xiaoyong and his co-defendants all received heavy prison sentences.

China continues to tackle Christianity via its education system

The level of control imposed on Christians by the Chinese government continues to increase

Supreme Court sentences pastor to prison for "proselytizing" in Nepal

The Christian community in Nepal has faced increased persecution since 2018

A Christian couple accused of blasphemy win bail in Pakistan

Pakistan ranked seventh on Open Doors’ 2023 World Watch List of the most difficult places to be a Christian.