Tag: Asian Christian persecution

US government calls for the release of an imprisoned Christian leader in Myanmar

Human Rights Watch called on the military junta to drop the politically motivated charges against Rev. Samson.

Indonesian authorities refuse churches building permits

The 1945 Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and worship,

Indonesian authorities refuse churches building permits

The Indonesian Constitution of 1945 guarantees freedom of religion and worship, at least in theory.

Christian imprisoned for blasphemy in Pakistan was released after three years

Pakistan ranked seventh on Open Doors’ 2023 World Watch List of the most difficult places to be a Christian

Persecution of Christians got even worse in China in 2022

Christians from unregistered churches bear the brunt of the persecution.

Indian police ended plans to burn down several churches

Christian leaders thanked the police for their prompt action in arresting the suspects.

The Communist Party of Vietnam continues its backlash on churches

In Vietnam, Christians are not allowed to work in the state apparatus.

Chinese house church fears more persecution

Christians in China have come under great pressure to demonstrate unswerving allegiance to Premier Xi Jinping.

A Christian was beaten unconscious for refusing to deny his faith in India

In January, 11 Indian states have enacted anti-conversion laws, with two enacting them this year.

Pakistan makes its blasphemy law even more repressive

Pakistan's blasphemy laws have long been used by radicals to target religious minorities