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A Christian was charged with blasphemy under Pakistan's terrorism law

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are incompatible with international human rights standards.

Interreligious violence is on the rise across India

At least 317 church buildings have been destroyed in the violence since May 3, according to local sources.

Chinese Christians resettled in the US after three years of quest for asylum

In detention, the members faced imminent danger of international kidnapping and repatriation

A Baptist pastor was sentenced to six years in prison in Myanmar

The conflict between the military and ethnic minority militias has escalated since the military's coup in February 2021.

Yet another church was closed by Indonesian authorities

Local governments often make it difficult for churches to obtain building permits and church closures are a common occurrence.

Over 60 Chinese Christians seeking asylum in Thailand are currently detained

ChinaAId asked the Biden administration to act on behalf of the 63 people and grant them immediate asylum.

US government calls for the release of an imprisoned Christian leader in Myanmar

Human Rights Watch called on the military junta to drop the politically motivated charges against Rev. Samson.

Indonesian authorities refuse churches building permits

The 1945 Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and worship,

Indonesian authorities refuse churches building permits

The Indonesian Constitution of 1945 guarantees freedom of religion and worship, at least in theory.