China continues to combat Christianity via its education system

Beijing is heavily reinforcing its religious restrictions on minors, with the goal of ensuring that future generations are ideologically indoctrinated to listen to and follow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


Before Xi came to power, children during the era of former President Hu Jintao were allowed to attend Sunday School. Now, under Xi, many parents of kindergartners and middle schoolers must sign and submit a “pledge to not believe in religion” to their children’s schoolteachers.

Government staff monitors to make sure no child enters places of worship. Protests by parents who say they cannot leave their children home alone go unheard. To bypass these restrictions, many churches secretly host Sunday School in member’s homes.

Homeschooling has gained popularity among Chinese Christian families in recent years. Many families have banded together to host homeschools to avoid CCP political indoctrination. The number of students in a homeschool typically ranges from 10 to 50, with some having as many as 100 children in attendance.

Chinese children have been barred from attending religious services and engaging in religious activities since 2017.

Source: christianpost.com




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