Two churches attacked in the same town in Nepal

Anti-Christian attacks seem to be a growing trend in Nepal

A Christian couple was found murdered on 50th wedding anniversary

Investigators say the crime scene showed signs of forced entry

A priest was attacked by a group of youngsters in France

Ther assailants fled hurling anti-Christian insults

The life’s work of the martyr cardinal embodies the Hungarian Christian past

A Hungarian minister praised the bishop's life at the Mindszenty statue erected at the Hungarian Calvary in Fátima, Portugal.

California voters oppose schools hiding students’ gender identities from parents

California voters would strongly support laws requiring schools to notify parents if their child identifies as another sex.

Shot in the chest by radical Muslims in Kenya

Watch the testimony of Daniel, the survivor of a brutal attack from radical Muslim herders

Violent attacks on Christians may cause a civil war in Manipur

The attacks in the state of Manipur have left at least 70 Christians dead and forced another 10,000 from their homes.

Christians face extreme danger in Afghanistan

The Taliban are conducting door-to-door searches for Christians and other minority groups.

Christian prisoners receive presidential pardon in Algeria

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced a decree to release 8000 prisoners, some of whom were Christians.

Christian teens charged with blasphemy could face death penalty

Two Christian boys were charged with blaspheming the prophet Muhammad in Lahore.