India seals its border with Myanmar, separating Christian tribes

"Do not divide us," tribal leaders asked the Indian government as India decided to seal the open border with Myanmar.

An attack on a church in Istanbul leaves one dead and several injured

The Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack.

The stability of the Sahel belt is in the interest of Europe

"The stability of the Sahel region is in the interest of both Hungary and Europe!" - announced Tristan Azbej.

A statue of Mary was vandalised for a second time in a Hungarian town

Unknown perpetrators smashed the head of the statue and trampled its pieces.

Abortion remains by far the main cause of death worldwide

If abortions were counted as deaths in the statistics, the fatalities last year would have exceeded 40 million.

Nicaraguan bishop in exile asks "not to abandon us"

The Pope also expressed concers about the current situation in Nicaragua

China continues to tackle Christianity via its education system

The level of control imposed on Christians by the Chinese government continues to increase

Christians in Burkina Faso forced to flee after deadly terrorist attacks

According to the UNHCR, over two million people in the country have been displaced due to internal conflicts and violence.