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Muslim employer tortures Christian employee to death in Pakistan

A young Catholic employee, who wanted to quit his job, was tortured and killed

Muslim extremists demand the release of killers of Christian man

Pakistani Islamist group demands the release of the killers of Nazir Masih, an elderly Christian lynched to death.

Young girl was forced to convert to Islam and marry her kidnapper

The 10-year-old Pakistani girl was abducted, raped, focibly converted to Islam and married off to her kidnapper.

Elderly Christian man dies of injuries in Pakistan

An elderly Christian attacked by a Muslim mob over a false blasphemy accusation passed away as a result of his serious injuries

Elderly Christian man died of his injuries after mob attack

The Pakistani man beaten by a mob because of alleged blasphemy died in hospital.

Christian sanitation worker tortured in Pakistan

A Christian sweeper was severely beaten and chained for not obeying quickly enough

Elderly Christian man beaten in Pakistan

The victim is an elderly Christian man who was beaten by a mob after blasphemy accusations.

Advertisement for sanitation workers targeting Christians criticised in Pakistan

An advertisement specified to hire Christians for low-paid menial jobs has raised concerns

Police aid Muslim perpetrators seize Christians' land in Pakistan

Police are refusing to arrest Muslims who attacked a Catholic family and seized their farm land

Christian boy is a victim of attempted forced conversion and poisioning

The Pakistani boy refused to embrace Islam, and was then forced to ingest toxic substances.