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A 72 year-old Christian has been charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

A church member claiming to have converted to Islam accuses an elderly Christian man of blasphemy

Fourteen-year-old Christian boy slayed by Muslim gunmen

Muslim gunmen shot a 14 year-old Christian boy dead in Punjab Province, Pakistan on Monday evening

Exploring the five countries with the most severe persecution of Christians

Efforts to promote religious freedom are crucial for protecting the rights and safety of Christians and other religious groups.

Christians tortured and forced to quote Islamic canon in Pakistan

Two Christian men were tortured and forcefully converted in Sialkot District, Pakistan

Pakistani Christian woman, Musarrat Bibi lives under constant threat

She was falsely accused of burning the Quran , found not guilty but still lives in constant threat.

Pakistani Christian loses her job and home after false blasphemy charge

A Christian widow lost her job and her home even though she had been exonerated after false blasphemy accusations

A woman with great faith keeps going

The story of a Pakistani Catholic maid and her unwavering faith

Religious Hatred Motivated Murder in Pakistan

The father of a 20-year-old Christian who was gunned down in Pakistan.

A church was set on fire in Pakistan

Thousands of Christians live alongside Muslims near the church building in Makkah Colony

Church elder sets worship building on fire in Pakistan

A shocking turn of events took place in the city of Lahore, where the treasurer set the church on fire