Russell Brand baptized in the River Thames

The actor pointed out that the response to his baptism was either supportive or critical.

A church was smeared with anti-Christian graffiti in Rome

Reports indicate a surge in vandalism across the Italian capital.

Cambodian activists hospitalized during hunger strike in jail

The USA considers a visa ban on Cambodian officials over the inprisonment of Theary Seng.

“The tomb of Jesus is open and it is empty!”

The Pope's "Urbi et Urbi" (from the Latin: 'To the city and the world') message is about the peace and reconciliation.

Trump about IVF: make it easier for mothers to have babies

Donald Trump calls on Alabama to reverse course after state rules frozen embryos are "unborn children".

The Pope strongly spoke out against anti-Semitism

"The Church rejects all forms of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism," declared Pope Francis.

Indian priest becomes the newest Bishop of Edmonton

Indian priest from 'untouchable' community named London's newest bishop

Pope Condemns Nicaragua’s Persecution of the Church

Pope Francis highlighted and condemned Nicaragua’s Ortega regime's persecution of the Catholic church.

The community of values among religions serves the needy

King Charles III, the monarch of the United Kingdom and several Commonwealth countries, emphasized the community of values.