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"Death to Nazis" smeared on the office of a French Catholic organisation

The association has reported the incident to the police.

Study reveals that more than half of British Christians experience hostility

These concerning statistics align with OIDAC Europe's observations of increasing pressure on Christians.

Church smeared with grafitti in Bordeaux

After right-wing forces won elections by a landslide and snap elections were announced the situation is heated in France

Scotland's radical "buffer zone" law passed the first stage in Parliament

The proposed Scottish legislation could further facilitate the targeting and criminalisation of individuals for their beliefs.

A French chapel was devastated by vandals

A resident reported seeing one person fleeing the scene. The police are currently investigating the incident.

A man crashed his car into a French church on purpose

The man claims he "hates Jesus and Christianity".

Four in ten Christian Brits prefer not to tell people about their faith

In contrast, only 29% of Muslim participants expressed the same reluctance.

Eighteen thousand French Catholics participated in a traditional pilgrimage

This year, the pilgrimage to Chartres took place for the 42nd time.