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A German bill aims to crack down on pro-life prayers

The proposed legislation has sparked debate in Germany over the presence and impact of pro-life protests.

A German church was subjected to several acts of vandalism

This came after three burglary attempts at St. Joseph Church in the past few weeks.

A Marian statue was destroyed in a French church

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across France.

Far-left activists threatened a priest in Spain

The aggressive graffiti is from a youth group of the Catalan separatist left.

Upholding religious freedom: a pillar of Western societies

Religious freedom is integral to upholding the fundamental principles of democracy and the rule of law.

A man set a church on fire in France

Parishioners quickly brought the fire under control.

Police confront pro-life activist for praying silently outside abortion clinic

In September, the West Midlands Police dropped charges against Vaughan-Spruce and apologized for arresting her twice for praying.

Teaching assistant wins a legal case after being fired for street preaching

The school decided to settle the case and pay the man £7,000 (around 8,800 USD) in compensation instead of going to trial.

Praying the rosary banned in Madrid during anti-government protest

The Christian lawyer's assassination 'Abogados Cristianos' announced that they will defend those who are arrested free of charge.

A stabbing at a Catholic school in Ireland left several people hospitalised

In a wave of popular indignation generated by the attack, serious riots took place in Dublin on the night of the 23rd o November.