Pat Robertson CBS

Pat Robertson, founder of Christian Broadcasting Network, dies at 93

Televangelist Pat Robertson, the founder of the TV-program "The 700 Club," has died. He was 93 years old.
Hungarian Caritas

The Hungarian Caritas delivers several truckloads of aid to Ukrainian Christians

Hungarian Catholic Caritas continues to support the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Caritas groups operating in Transcarpathia.

Free speech under threat in Ireland's recent "hate offences" bill

Many contradictions that might arise from this law could seriously limit not only freedom of speech but also freedom of religion.

Six Christians face potential death penalties in Libya

Six Libyans were charged of converting to Christianity and encouraging others to do the same

UN committee urges schools to withdraw from religious classes in the UK

Children should be able to withdraw from religious classes but not sex education, says UN committee
Greg Sheridan

Can Western society survive without Christianity?

Greg Sheridan writer, journalist, and the Foreign Editor of The Australian said: our civilization depends on the Christianity.
Michael Wallace Banach

Hate crimes against christians because of secularization and fear of the truth

Apostolic Nuncio Michael Wallace Banach highlighted that the number of hate crimes against Christians is constantly rising.

French volunteers are still working hard to help victims ten days after the earthquake

Benjamin Blanchard, general director of the organisation reported about their humanitarian work in the area of Northeastern Syria.

Tristan Azbej: The Hungary Helps Program is our national mission

A yearly interview with the State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians.

Today we remember Saint Polycarp, martyr of the 2nd century

He heard about Jesus from his apostles.

Lent sacrifice for children to honour Carlo Acutis

Carlo Acutis is hailed as the “patron saint of video gamers”.

A Christian insider's perspective of troubles in Iraq

Iraqi Christians experience discrimination, harassment and violent persecution.

Shot in the chest by radical Muslims in Kenya

Watch the testimony of Daniel, the survivor of a brutal attack from radical Muslim herders

Video revealing the miracle of life inside the womb

This is the most realistic and medically accurate animated representation of a child developing in her mother’s womb ever made.

Ukrainian bishops voiced skepticism over a planned Vatican “peace mission”

Ukrainian church leaders cite lack of information on Vatican initiatives.

Today we remember Saint Jerome

He translated the Bible to Latin, and he is the Patron Saint of translators.
cseresznyevirág és japán pag

Japanese wine production ceased as a result of Christian persecution

Winemaking was present in Japan in the seventeenth century, and it ceased because of Christian persecution.

Pope Francis’ homily for Pentecost: Let us invoke the Spirit daily

Pope Francis calls on us to invoke daily the Spirit who gives "harmony to the world".

Hungarian girls saw the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

23-year-old Julianna shared her testimony in a recent video.

From child soldier to Catholic priest

"My country is troubled, and everybody is traumatised, so as a priest, my role is, to bring hope to those who have lost hope".