A church was set ablaze in Ireland

The police are investigating the incident as a deliberate arson attack.

Coach fired after allowing high school football team to be baptised

A Christian football coach was sacked at an American high school in Georgia

Funding of an online Christian school is jeopardised

Online Christian faith school's funding bid faces further opposition in US

Brandeis University suspends its partnership with Al-Quds about nazi salute

The Palestine Al-Quds campus involved demonstrators wearing black military gear, marched and raising the traditional Nazi salute.

Islamic masses are coming to Europe, then Christian civilization is in danger

The Christian civilization is in danger," Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary: Zsolt Semjén stated.

UK faith leaders condemn ‘deplorable’ antisemitism as hate crimes increase

Three leaders of faith are calling on British denominations to unite as the conflict in the Middle East escalates

Rev Calvin Robinson fired by GB News

Rev Calvin Robinson has been sacked by GB News, joining fellow presenter Laurence Fox in dismissal.

Testimony of a Christian freedom activist, who had been sentenced to death

Mariam Ibraheem shared her ordeal of being sentenced to death for her Christian faith whilst she was pregnant.

Egypt: Convert or starve and die

A Christian father and son were evicted from their business in Egypt

Anti-Christian hate crimes on the rise in Europe

In 2022, OIDAC Europe documented 748 anti-Christian hate crimes in 30 different countries

Tributes to Christian philanthropist Jeremy Marshall

Jeremy Marshall, who committed his life to evangelistic projects and supported Christian organisations across the UK, passed away

Today we remember Saint Polycarp, martyr of the 2nd century

He heard about Jesus from his apostles.

Egypt: Convert or starve and die

A Christian father and son were evicted from their business in Egypt

A Christian insider's perspective of troubles in Iraq

Iraqi Christians experience discrimination, harassment and violent persecution.

Shot in the chest by radical Muslims in Kenya

Watch the testimony of Daniel, the survivor of a brutal attack from radical Muslim herders

Ukrainian bishops voiced skepticism over a planned Vatican “peace mission”

Ukrainian church leaders cite lack of information on Vatican initiatives.

Today we remember Saint Jerome

He translated the Bible to Latin, and he is the Patron Saint of translators.
cseresznyevirág és japán pag

Japanese wine production ceased as a result of Christian persecution

Winemaking was present in Japan in the seventeenth century, and it ceased because of Christian persecution.

Pope Francis’ homily for Pentecost: Let us invoke the Spirit daily

Pope Francis calls on us to invoke daily the Spirit who gives "harmony to the world".

Hungarian girls saw the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje

23-year-old Julianna shared her testimony in a recent video.

From child soldier to Catholic priest

"My country is troubled, and everybody is traumatised, so as a priest, my role is, to bring hope to those who have lost hope".