News from Europe

A German bill aims to crack down on pro-life prayers

The proposed legislation has sparked debate in Germany over the presence and impact of pro-life protests.

A German church was subjected to several acts of vandalism

This came after three burglary attempts at St. Joseph Church in the past few weeks.

Police threaten to arrest Christian preacher in London

A video has gone viral in which a Metropolitan Police officer is seen threatening to arrest a street preacher

A Marian statue was destroyed in a French church

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across France.

Far-left activists threatened a priest in Spain

The aggressive graffiti is from a youth group of the Catalan separatist left.

LGBT group vandalized an Orthodox church in Greece

Unknown persons wrote slogans on the ground and walls against the Orthodox faith and the Metropolitan Jerome.

Bishop says: A 'small number' of asylum seeker conversions might be scam

The former home secretary accused the Church of England over helping dangerous individuals to gain entry to the UK

Plenary session in Strasbourg about the persecution in Nigeria

A plenary debate was held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg about the Nigerian persecution.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: the guardian angel of persecuted Christians

Bonhoeffer's most famous act of resistance was his involvement in the failed plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944.

Archbishop of Canterbury forced to shelter during Russian air-strike in Ukraine

Archbishop Justin Welby arrived in Kyiv on Monday morning to express his solidarity with people "going through hell"