News from Europe

Four in ten Christian Brits prefer not to tell people about their faith

In contrast, only 29% of Muslim participants expressed the same reluctance.

A chapel vandalised in Germany

The initial assessment by the officers estimates the damage to be around 10,000 euros.

A centuries-old church was vandalised in Italy

The vandalism has caused significant damage

An Orthodox church was vandalised in Kosovo

The Diocese emphasized that these attacks on churches and private property are mainly driven by ethnic and religious motives.

New census reveals the majority of Scots have 'no religion'

For the first time in Scotland’s census history, the majority of people there have said they do not belong to any religion.

Priests arrested in Belarus

Two Catholic priests were arrested in Belarus and are still detained. 

Eighteen thousand French Catholics participated in a traditional pilgrimage

This year, the pilgrimage to Chartres took place for the 42nd time.

Studies show a revival of faith in the UK

45% of Gen Z respondents showed a willingness to change their religious beliefs, in contrast to just 22% of those over 65.

Thousands of Ukrainian pastors' wives are terrified of May 18

Ukraine's new mobilization law came into effect on the 18th of May