News from Europe

A Belgian church will be turned into a library

A statue of Christ was even recently found in a garbage dump.

The pope meets with disabled children in Hungary

Pope Francis meets with blind, visually impaired and multiply disabled children and young people in Hungary.

The Holy Father sensed the love pouring towards from Hungary

Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdő says: for believers, every papal visit somehow represents the presence of Christ.

Ukrainian war and migration are the topics of the Pope’s Hungarian visitation

The war in Ukraine, the migration and Europe's Christian roots are expected to top the agenda in Pope's Hungarian visitation

Hungarian President welcomes Pope Francis in her tweet

Hungarian President welcomes Pope Francis with great love and prayer - the President of Hungary tweeted on Sunday.

Pope Francis recognized: has been misled a little in many ways before about Hungary

Pope Francis is visiting the Christians and Catholics in Hungary for the second time in two years

Péter Szijjártó: Hungary Helps Programme provides funding in 25 countries

The Hungary Helps Programme provides financial aid in 25 countries

Legal proceedings were opened against an anti-Catholic campaign in Spain

Attacks on Catholics have been increasingly aggressive in the past few years in Spain and often go unpunished.

An Italian teacher was suspended for 20 days for praying with her students

She requested access to the records from the school to better understand the charges made against her.

Catholic students and teachers receive death threats in France

The catholic school group Jean Paul II has around 500 pupils in Forez.