News from Europe

A Swedish bakery was reported for refusing to bake a cake

Similar cases ocurred also in other places of the world, with various consequences.

Austrian teenagers were planning a mass shooting of Christians in their school

The police found out through their chats that the plans were far advanced.

Hundreds gather in Trafalgar Square to pray for the UK

Hundreds of Christians gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to pray for resurgence in the UK on Saturday

Russian missile strike destroys historic Odesa cathedral

Odesa’s Transfiguration Cathedral was hit and badly damaged by a Russian missile on Sunday

Christian councillor suspended for tweeting 'Pride is a sin'

A North Northamptonshire Christian councillor was suspended for his religious beliefs

Christian man has his job offer rescinded for his Christian beliefs

Mr Ngole was offered political asylum in the UK after facing political persecution in Cameroon.

The altar of a church was vandalised in Italy

The altar was damaged and a statue destroyed.

Finnish MP who faced prison over Bible verse tweet says she would do it again

Päivi Räsänen, a committed Christian civil servant and grandmother, was put on trial for sharing her beliefs on social media

Vandals smeared oil on the entrance of a church in Italy

The vandals have not yet been identified.