News from Europe

UK military "in desperate need of Christians" according to major general

As the UK army combats with a "a recruitment and retention crisis" a former major general calls for more Christians

Christian teacher is going to appeal against ban over "misgendering"

A Christian maths teacher, who has been banned from the profession, is going to appeal against the verdict

Police confront pro-life activist for praying silently outside abortion clinic

In September, the West Midlands Police dropped charges against Vaughan-Spruce and apologized for arresting her twice for praying.

SNP could alter conversion therapy ban after revolt

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said it was listening and ‘reflecting’ on critics' concerns

More acts of anti-Christian vandalism were recorded during the Christmas period

Nativity scenes were targeted by vandals across Western Europe.

Teaching assistant wins a legal case after being fired for street preaching

The school decided to settle the case and pay the man £7,000 (around 8,800 USD) in compensation instead of going to trial.

Prosecutor takes Päivi Räsänen to Supreme Court

Mrs. Päivi Räsänen is being legally supported by the Human Rights organisation ADF International.

A church was set on fire in an Italian town

The incident was reported to the police by the oratory's director.

Nearly one in four cathedrals in England have an entry fee

One in four cathedrals now charge for entry, with fees of up to £29

Hosts and other sacred objects were stolen from an Italian church

The total amount of damage is about 11,000 USD.