News from Europe

Hungarian rescue team have left for Turkey

More than fifty Hungarians will help Turkish rescuers.

Man faces charges after sharing about being ex-gay and converting to Christianity

The Maltese legislation criminalizes "conversion practices" since 2016.

An Orthodox church was shelled by Russian forces in Ukraine

The number of casualties after the incident is still under investigation.

Charges dropped against woman praying in front of UK abortion clinic

The charges still could be revived, leaving her in an ambitious legal situation.

A swastika was sprayed next to the entrance door of a church

Although it's a minor act of vandalism, it leaves no doubt as to the fact it was targeting a Christian place of worship.

Pope Francis visits DR Congo and South Sudan

The head of the Catholic Church is on a mission to help restore peace in two countries that have seen years of violence.

An army veteran was fined for praying for his son in the UK

Another similar case took place a few weeks ago, when a woman was arrested on the same charges.

A vandal drowned a statue of Jesus in the baptismal font of a Polish church

The police are looking for the perpetrator and appeal for help in finding him.

The European Parliament urges Poland to withdraw ban on eugenic abortion

In an attempt to pursue an ideological agenda, the EP makes mutually exclusive demands in its report.

Denmark plans to abolish religious holiday to increase the defence budget

“There is more at stake than a public holiday”, say religious leaders.