Tag: Anti-Christian activities

A church was vandalised in broad daylight in Italy

The perpetrator was arrested and was taken to a hospital, as he injured himself while throwing stones against a church.

A church and several houses were burned down in Kenya

The Al Qaeda allied terrorist group has intensified attacks on Christians in Lamu for the last three months.

Five Christians were arrested during a prayer service in India

The community has long had Christian prayer services on Sundays and other significant days, according to the pastor.

Graffiti was smeared on a religious panel during World Youth Day

The panel had recently been restored and blessed.

The altar of a church was vandalised in Italy

The altar was damaged and a statue destroyed.

Vandals smeared oil on the entrance of a church in Italy

The vandals have not yet been identified.

A Christian couple was found murdered on 50th wedding anniversary

Investigators say the crime scene showed signs of forced entry

A priest was attacked by a group of youngsters in France

Ther assailants fled hurling anti-Christian insults