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The three most common forms of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe

To combat the rise of anti-Christian vandalism in Europe, concerted efforts are needed at various levels.

A Marian statue was destroyed in a French church

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across France.

More acts of anti-Christian vandalism were recorded during the Christmas period

Nativity scenes were targeted by vandals across Western Europe.

A church was set on fire in an Italian town

The incident was reported to the police by the oratory's director.

Hosts and other sacred objects were stolen from an Italian church

The total amount of damage is about 11,000 USD.

Nicaragua arrested two Catholic priests amid rising tensions

Over the past few years, Ortega’s administration has increasingly targeted members of the Catholic Church

Statues from nativity scene were beheaded in a German town

The same nativity scene had already been attacked in 2021 and 2022.

Clima activists interrupted a Mass in Italy

The incident reportedly took place just before the homily.

Almost 25% of young Brits open to banning the Bible if it includes 'hate speech'

Nearly a quarter of young Brits would support banning the Bible

A German church was robbed and vandalised

Police are still investigating the incident.