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“His Only Son” becomes first-ever crowdfunded theatrical release

The upcoming film “His Only Son,” based on the biblical account of Abraham and his son, Isaac, has made history by becoming the first-ever crowdfund film to have a nationwide theatrical release.


The crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $1,235,000 from over 60,000 angel investors and will now be available in theaters nationwide on March 31, ahead of Easter.

Spearheaded by Angel Studios, the same company that brought viewers “The Chosen,” whose episodes have been viewed over 420 million times worldwide, “His Only Son” tells the life of Abraham.

The idea for the film was conceived by former U.S. Marine David Helling, whose time in the deserts of Iraq formed a desire in him to bring biblical accounts to the masses in a theatrical format. Helling, who’s also the director, described the quality of the film as “The Chosen” meets “The Passion of Christ.”


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