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Fire at Easter Mass in Brooklyn

Five people were injured as a consequence of a fire that broke out during the Easter Mass at Brooklyn Catholic church.

“The tomb of Jesus is open and it is empty!”

The Pope's "Urbi et Urbi" (from the Latin: 'To the city and the world') message is about the peace and reconciliation.

King Charles reminds everyone to follow Jesus in caring for each other

Jesus set the example of service and care, says King Charles in Maundy Thursday message

Abolition of Easter holidays upsets Indian Christians

Easter holidays are going to be working days in the conflict-torn Manipur state.

Pope Francis speaks about persecuted Christians

Christians are persecuted for their faith in many parts of the world, said Pope Francis.

"His Only Son" becomes first-ever crowdfunded theatrical release

“His Only Son” stars Lebanese film and TV actor Nicolas Mouawad, who plays Abraham.

A Greek Easter service was interrupted by a man shouting in Arabic

The perpetrator only had the time to shout "Everybody listen!" before being taken away.

A Way of the Cross has been vandalised in Poland

Because of the extent of the damage, it was thought that the act was committed by more than one person.

An Easter procession has been attacked in Spain

Spanish authorities tend to turn a blin eye on such incidents.

House church members raided after Easter baptism in China

Pastor Mao and his church have been targeted by the government for his vocal support for religious freedom and Pastor Wang Yi.