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Christians in Indonesia face regular prayer disruptions

Padang, where such incidents occur quite often, is ranked third most intolerant city in Indonesia by the Setara Institute.

Pastors and church members arrested for alleged religious conversions

Uttar Pradesh recorded over 200 violent occurrences against Christians this year alone.

A Christian couple was arrested under Pakistan's blasphemy law

This incident, and many others like it, have continued to raise concerns among Pakistan’s Christian communities

Two Nepalese churches were vandalised

Nepal witnesses a growing trend of violence directed at Christians.

Pakistani Christian charged with blasphemy

Nineteen church buildings and 86 houses were damaged by fire during a recent rampage.

Five Christians were arrested during a prayer service in India

The community has long had Christian prayer services on Sundays and other significant days, according to the pastor.

Several churches were burned in Pakistan following blasphemy allegations

Police have arrested at least 128 people for vandalizing churches.

An Indonesian church was repeatedly denied permit to hold worship services

Congregants worshipped for two years before services were suspended due to COVID-19.

China denied legal visits to detained house preacher

China prosecutes house church leaders as a criminal clique

ICC distributed 2,000 Bibles across rural India

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took power in 2014, persecution incidents among Christians have greatly increased.