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A 10 year-old kidnapped Christian girl was forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan

The Christian parents of a 10-year-old girl in Pakistan, who was abducted and forcefully converted to Islam last month, fear that she may be at risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation, according to sources.


Laiba Suhail was taken from her home in Chak 233-RB Ikhlaq Town, Faisalabad District, Punjab Province, on February 12 by four non-Muslims, allegedly acting on the instructions of a Muslim man named Shaukat Shah. Despite her father, Suhail Masih’s pleas, officials have declined to pursue legal action.

Shah is reputed in the locality for his involvement in coercive conversions to Islam, often pressuring minors to sign statements declaring their voluntary conversion. He then purportedly removes them from shelter facilities, claiming to provide religious education.

Following a court decision, Masih’s daughter was placed in a women’s shelter at her own request after she submitted an application to the police on February 15, asserting her conversion to Islam. However, Masih later discovered that Shah had taken custody of her from the shelter.




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