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A 10 year-old kidnapped girl was forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks seventh on Open Doors’ 2024 World Watch List of the most difficult places to be a Christian

Woman from radical Muslim family found Christ and converted

Christ is a now part of her daily life, but initially, she needed to keep this hidden from her family.

Catholic lawyers point to the unconstitutional law on euthanasia in Portugal

They called on the Head of State to veto the newly enacted legislation as "contrary to the foundations of the constitution."

Pastor’s family attacked for the second time in one month in Uganda

While most of Uganda is Christian, radical Islamists are becoming more common along the country’s borders.

Jihadists continue to terrorise religious minorities in Nigeria

Life as a christian in Nigeria represents a danger in itself, especially in the northeastern parts of the country.

Over sixty people remain missing for weeks in Mozambique after Jihadist attack

Recent official reports estimate that over one thousand people have been killed in attacks in northern Mozambique since 2017.