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Over sixty people remain missing for weeks in Mozambique after Jihadist attack

Two Catholic nuns and sixty other people who were under their care remain missing since Islamic State group-linked militants seized control of a port city in Mozambique in early August.


Sister Inés Ramos and Sister Eliane da Costa of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Chambéry were in their convent located on the port of Mocímboa da Praia in the northern province of Cabo Delgado at the time of the attack; no one yet knows what happened to them.

“We are hoping that they are still alive but have no means of communication. We have not had any official notification,” Fr. Kwiriwi Fonseca of the Diocese of Pemba in northern Mozambique explained, noting that no travel is allowed to the area.

After a series of attacks between the 5th and the 11th, ISIS declared it had seized two military bases near the port town, which has remained cut off from the rest of the country since then.

There were about sixty people, mostly elderly people and a few children, in the convent in the care of the two sisters at the time of the attack, and authorities say they do not know what happened to them.

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