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Catholic lawyers point to the unconstitutional law on euthanasia in Portugal

The Portuguese Association of Catholic Lawyers has challenged the compliance of the euthanasia law adopted by parliament on the 29th of January with the country's basic law. In an open letter addressed to President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, they pointed out that "the acceptance of assisted suicide goes against the constitutional rules" of the country.


Catholic lawyers also considered it inappropriate to choose to enforce a new law during the period of “a deadly pandemic that will require greater efforts to save as many lives as possible.”

According to the authors of the letter, article 24 of the Portuguese Constitution protects human life, contrary to the regulation approved by parliament.

The law adopted by the Assembly of the Republic stipulates that an adult can undergo euthanasia after prior medical consultation. One would need to confirm that he or she is “chronically or terminally ill.”


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