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Shooting at Salvation Army church

Gunmen opened fire at a memorial ceremony for a young woman killed in a shooting earlier in June. Three people were injured during the shooting, and one of them is in critical condition.

On Friday afternoon, the family of Princess Bell, a 19-year-old woman killed on June 3 during a shooting, gathered for a requiem memorial service at the Salvation Army Community Center church in Blue Island, Chicago, USA. While they were mourning the loss of their young family member, gunmen opened fire on the church and the people inside.

Relatives of Princess Bell claim that the attack was gang-related, but it has not been confirmed yet. The gunmen pulled up to a nearby parking lot and started shooting. One of the guests, who has a license to carry a firearm, returned the fire. In the aftermath of the shooting, three people were transported to the hospital. One of them is in a critical condition; two of them have minor injuries.

“If it is, indeed, a retaliatory incident, we do not know for sure yet, but obviously this area has seen too many of these and it’s always tragic,” said Tom Wogan, a Blue Island City administrator.

The police have taken one of the attackers into custody. An investigation to identify the remaining suspects continues.

Source: ABC Chicago

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