Pakistan approves the revised Marriage Act

Bishops of Pakistan hail the decision that could protect Christian minors from forced marriages.

Church minister is free from captivity

The Nigerian church minister regained his freedom after two weeks of captivity.

Catholic Church builds homes for the displaced

The Church started its program to help those who lost their homes in the brutal ethnic violence against Christians in Manipur.

Service at a banned house church was raided in Beijing

The service at Beijing Zion Church was raided by the police, and several members were taken to questioning; one was detained.

Eleven imprisoned Christians missing in Vietnam

Eleven Christian inmates, imprisoned for their faith, are missing, according to a Christian rights group.

Worship banned in church in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a wedding was disrupted by local officials, who also banned holding worship in the church.

Ugandan pastor attacked and murdered

The pastor was on his way home when unknown attackers ambushed and killed him.

Catholic Bisops fined for not letting woman attend deacon training

According to the decision of a Belgian Court, the bishops have to pay compensation to the woman.

Pakistani Christian sentenced to death

The young Christian man was sentenced to death for sharing a post that allegedly resulted in the bloody violence of Jaranwala.

Christian woman killed by Hindu extremist relatives

The young woman was working in the fields when her relatives attacked her immediate family and then murdered her.