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A French chapel was devastated by vandals

A resident reported seeing one person fleeing the scene. The police are currently investigating the incident.

A chapel vandalised in Germany

The initial assessment by the officers estimates the damage to be around 10,000 euros.

Arson and vandalism reported in a French church

The Sainte-Thérèse church had to be temporarily closed to the public, and a religious funeral ceremony had to be relocated.

Islamic graffiti smeared on a church wall in Austria

The reason behind the graffiti's persistence, despite inquiries, remains unclear as the parish has yet to take a stance.

A group of teenagers vandalised a church in Italy

The fire brigade and the police started investigating and a complaint was filed.

A Lutheran church was devastated by vandals in Germany

During their investigation, the police apprehended two individuals hiding in the bell tower.

German church targeted with arson and vandalism

Despite the destruction, the police report noted that the damage was limited.

Islamic graffiti smeared inside a German chapel

The incident occurred in broad daylight.

Church smeared with eggs, glue and excrement in the UK

North Wales Police emphasized the significance of Rivertown Church as a cherished community hub.

A church was severely vandalised in Italy

This incident marked the latest in a series of attacks on the oratory.