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A Spanish church was subjected to theft and vandalism

The perpetrators made several degradations, including destroying the sacristy's door.

A church was repeatedly vandalised in Germany

Church vandalism remains too often unpunished across Germany.

A church was vandalised in Munich

The perpetrators remain unknown.

A paint bomb attack defaced a church in The Netherlands

The paint reportedly even "ran in under the door".

An Italian church was vandalised multiple times

The damages caused exceed 3,000 euros.

A German church was rioted by vandals

The police have started an investigation into this particularly serious case of theft and damage to property.

A nativity scene was desecrated in England

Over 4,000 churches were subject to burglary, vandalism, theft, and assault in 2021 in the UK alone.

Vandals damaged the oldest church of Madrid

Unknown vandals graffitied satanist signs on the walls of the hermitage of Santa María La Antigua of Carabanchel.

An Italian church was vulgarily vandalised

The perpetrators put excrement in the holy water font

An Italian church was targeted by Satanic vandalism

A crucifix was destroyed by the perpetrators.