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Studies show a revival of faith in the UK

45% of Gen Z respondents showed a willingness to change their religious beliefs, in contrast to just 22% of those over 65.

British politician falls victim to blatant discrimination for his faith

The EHRC is currently considering the complaint, which represents over 400 party members.

Arson and vandalism reported in a French church

The Sainte-Thérèse church had to be temporarily closed to the public, and a religious funeral ceremony had to be relocated.

An Islamist terrorist murdered a convert to Christianity in the UK

The prosecution argued that Alid viewed Nouri as an apostate and thus deserving of death. The incident occurred last October.

Islamic graffiti smeared inside a German chapel

The incident occurred in broad daylight.

Brussels authorities banned a conference for being of a conservative nature

The Conseil d’État, Belgium's highest court, rejected the notion that the conference itself posed a threat to public order.

A group of young terrorists targeting Christians was dismantled in Germany

Arrest warrants have been issued in connection with several allegations.

Church smeared with eggs, glue and excrement in the UK

North Wales Police emphasized the significance of Rivertown Church as a cherished community hub.

Scottish "hate speech" bill likely to limit freedom of religion

Criticism from human rights groups centers on the Act's vague language.

A terrorist attack reported in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

French Minister of Interior Affairs, Gérald Darmanin, affirmed the arrest during a speech on April 1