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The US is among the eight countries which allows abortion until birth

Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon and Vermont allow abortion during the whole timeframe of the pregnancy.

A Chinese pastor was sentenced to 14 years jail for "peddling superstition"

The pastor and his family were all found guilty of “using superstition to undermine the law.”

China continues to tackle Christianity via its education system

The level of control imposed on Christians by the Chinese government continues to increase

China denied legal visits to detained house preacher

China prosecutes house church leaders as a criminal clique

The Chinese government is rewriting parts of the Bible

The CCP sees itself as possessing absolute authority over religion in China.

An underground pastor was fined by the Chinese government

This fine follows several years of government persecution against the underground church in Xiamen.

Persecution of Christians got even worse in China in 2022

Christians from unregistered churches bear the brunt of the persecution.

The Communist Party of Vietnam continues its backlash on churches

In Vietnam, Christians are not allowed to work in the state apparatus.

Chinese house church fears more persecution

Christians in China have come under great pressure to demonstrate unswerving allegiance to Premier Xi Jinping.

North Korea ranks as worst persecutor of Christians worldwide

The World Watch List also listed Nigeria as a hotbed for Christian persecution.