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Persecution of Christians got even worse in China in 2022

Christians from unregistered churches bear the brunt of the persecution.

The Communist Party of Vietnam continues its backlash on churches

In Vietnam, Christians are not allowed to work in the state apparatus.

Chinese house church fears more persecution

Christians in China have come under great pressure to demonstrate unswerving allegiance to Premier Xi Jinping.

North Korea ranks as worst persecutor of Christians worldwide

The World Watch List also listed Nigeria as a hotbed for Christian persecution.

Pope Francis announced his readiness to go to China

Since the beginning of the 1950s, there has been no official relationship between the Vatican and Beijing.

Belarusian authorities destroyed a Polish Home Army cemetery

The Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan wrote on Thursday that such demolition takes place using heavy equipment.

At teast three churches were raided in China and several leaders arrested

According to ICC, the Chinese government “is fearful of many things; one thing being people with religious beliefs.”

Two detained Christians have been released in China

Chinese Christians are often oppressed by the authorities for refusing to join the state-approved Three-Self church.

Hong Kong may face Bible shortage

China's crackdown on religious minorities continues

Chinese Christians put at risk with further sinicisation of registered churches

Anyone who disobeys the stated regulations risks possible punishment.